Legacy of Sarvaangi

A traditional piece of art for a craftsman, a finest ensemble for the royals and a matter of pride for every Maharashtrian bride, this chef-d’oeuvre is a paithani by the brand called ‘SarvaangiSarees’, located in Nashik city. An eight-year journey of this brand perceives to be small, but it is backed up by the efforts of three generations for over 150 glorious years. In the very same soil of the birthplace of Paithani ‘Yeola’, Bhandge Family sowed the seeds of excellence by crafting one of the finest Paithanis in the world. Focusing mainly on creativity, quality and integrity, Bhandge family thrived to achieve great heights and went leaps and bounds across geographical boundaries to establish name and fame for their craftsmanship.

Our Showroom… Our Pride…

Sarvaangi Sarees houses in 8000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art showroom where customers can choose from infinite varieties of Silk, Art Silk, Chiffon, Crepe, etc. An exclusive bridal collection and a provision for Basta make it a perfect place to shop for the families of bride and groom.Celebrities from every nook and corner of the country handpick their Paithanis from Bhandge Paithani every year on special occasions. After its launch of best-in-class showroom in Yeola, the brand has expansion plans in other cities nationally and internationally with a belief of serving customers the best and class apart!

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Bestowed with the Prestigious Awards

Honored with 5 Rashtrapati Awards for the designs of Paithani, Sarvaangi Sarees is a sheer reflection of the spirited performance and epitome of brilliance achieved by any family in the country.

National Award (1991) for Excellence in Weaving Paithani Saree

Paithani Saree weaving is one of the oldest crafts of Maharashtra. This technique of sari weaving does not have any mechanical device such as dobby or jacquard to produce the design portion. It is done purely by the hand of the weaver who selects threads in order to introduce the weft to form required designs based on the fineness of his skills. Shri Shantilal Vithalsa Bhandge was born in a family of traditional weavers of Yeola, in Nasik. He was initiated into this art by his father Shri Vithalsa Murlidharsa Bhandge. Shri. Shantilal acquired his preliminary knowledge in the art of weaving when he was only fifteen years old. For his outstanding creation he had been awarded the Handloom Year Award 1986 by Government of India. Shri Shantilal Vithalsa Bhandge receives the National Award for his excellence in weaving Paithani Saree.

National Award (1994) for Excellence in weaving Paithani Saree

Since generation, Yeola Paithani silk sarees are being woven with mulberry silk in both warp & weft with single shuttle weaving only. However, this particular “Yeola Paithani Tusser Saree” has been woven with mulberry silk in warp and indigenous “Tusser” silk & pure gold zari in weft to enhance the beauty of the saree. The product being in natural Tusser color, fulfils the test of the classic customers and also provides the aesthetic value of designs of traditional Yeola Paithani. To keep a traditional look, solid border is woven by three shuttle weaving technique and solid pallav by tie & dye technique with traditional Yeola laheria designs on borders & traditional paithani buttas & cross borders in pallav. It is a characteristic Yeola Paithani silk saree that has been woven with natural Tusser color by using Tusser silk as weft. Shri. Bhandge Digambar Vitthalsa was born in 1952 in a family of traditional weavers of traditional weavers of Yeola in Maharashtra, the famous textile production center of Paithani Saree. He started learning art of weaving from his father Shri. Vitthalsa M. Bhandge at the age of 20 years. He has created a number of fine Paithani saree with traditional motifs. Shri Bhandge Digambar Vithalsa received the National Award for his excellence in Paithani Saree weaving.


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